20-Aug-2010 11:43 AM

GoAir expects FY2010/11 sales revenue to soar 75%

GoAir stated it expects sales revenue to increase by up to 75% year-on-year to between USD291.2 million and USD302.0 million in the fiscal year ending 31-Mar-2011, as increasing air traffic demand boosts load factor (Reuters, 20-Aug-2010). The LCC, which operates a fleet of nine aircraft, plans to expand its fleet to 20 by the end of 2013.

GoAir: "Except for July and August which are normally lower seasons we see the seat factors reaching around 88% plus in October, November and December … our plan is to get to 20 aircraft as soon as possible. Discussions are on and hopefully we should be able to do that by 2013-end," Kaushik Khona, CEO. Source: Reuters, 19-Aug-2010.