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France's Civil Aviation Authority meets with Transport Ministry to resolve strike action

25-Feb-2010 1:08 PM

France's Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) union representatives met with the French Ministry of Transport to discuss a possible resolution to strike action by French air traffic controllers in protest of a planned merger of Belgian, Dutch, French, German, Luxembourg and Swiss air traffic control networks, concerned that it will result in job cuts and the loss of civil servant benefits (AP, 24-Feb-2010). On the second day of the strike (24-Feb-2010), DGAC cancelled 25% of services from Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport and 50% at Paris Orly Airport. The same amount of cancellations are expected today (25-Feb-2010) - the third day of the strike. The strike is proposed for four days. Air France stated on Tuesday that it will operate 100% of its long-haul flights over these four days. On 24-Feb-2010, the carrier planned to operate 75% of its short- and medium-haul flights at Paris-Charles de Gaulle and 50% of its short- and medium-haul flights at Paris-Orly, but further cancellations are yet to be disclosed.