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flybe and BALPA to hold urgent talks as pay agreement rejected

18-Feb-2011 12:28 PM

British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) stated flybe's pilots have rejected an agreement on pay and conditions and could vote on industrial action if urgent talks fail to provide a solution (Exeter Express/This Devon, 17-Feb-2011). BALPA members rejected the proposal by 81% in an indicative ballot with a 85% turnout. The pilots will have to vote again before any industrial action is held and BALPA will have to provide seven days' notice of any strike action. The sides will hold urgent talks next week in a bid to resolve the dispute.

Flybe: "Flybe has been engaged in a constructive dialogue with Balpa and expects to resolve these issues, as it has in the past, through continuing discussion. We are going through a process with Balpa over pay and scheduling agreements – as are most airlines currently – and this indicative pay ballot was part of that process. The company has already arranged meetings with Balpa to review feedback from various discussions with staff and to agree a way forward. We are confident that Flybe, Balpa and our pilots are all working towards the same objectives – secure, long-term employment which offers good career progression prospects with the majority of our staff working from close to their homes and for a financial package which is both affordable and commensurate with peers," spokesperson. Source: Exeter Express, 17-Feb-2011.

Balpa: "Pilots helped the company through difficult times, especially by deferring their 2009/10 pay claim, and they are now resolved that the next settlement should give them a fair deal. The 700 pilots we represent have made it quite clear they want a decent settlement this time," Reg Allen, head of industrial relations. Source: Exeter Express, 17-Feb-2011.