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Five Nordic unions prepare action in support of British Airways strikers

1-Apr-2010 8:22 AM

Five trade unions in Denmark, Norway and Sweden – Sweden’s SEKO and Swedish Transport Workers’ Union, Denmark’s 3F and Norway’s Parat and Norwegian Transport Workers’ Union – gave legal notice (31-Mar-2010) that they will take action in support of British Airways' cabin crew, in response to a call for lawful solidarity action made by the International Transport Workers’ Federation. They anticipate that action will commence on or around 14-Apr-2010. They have not for now specified what form their actions will take. [more]

ITF: “British Airways is a world organisation and conflict within it has world repercussions. Our member unions have watched the failure of negotiations between management and union and they have been unanimous in recognising the risk of a downward spiral across the aviation sector and the potential for damage to the company, its image, passengers and workers that failure represents. Today’s vote for action in the Nordic countries is the latest attempt to reinforce the need for a speedy, negotiated conclusion,” David Cockroft, General Secretary. Source: ITF statement, 31-Mar-2010.