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Finnair pax numbers and cargo volume up in Jan-2012, pax load factor improves

13-Feb-2012 11:37 AM

Finnair reports (10-Feb-2012) the following traffic highlights in Jan-2012:

  • Passenger numbers: 637,500, +4.8% year-on-year;
  • Passenger load factor: 74.6%, +2.4 ppts;
    • Domestic: 58.5%, +9.5 ppts;
    • Europe: 65.6%, +7.2 ppts;
    • North America: 78.2%, +3.7 ppts;
    • Asia Pacific: 75%, +1.6 ppts;
  • Cargo volume: 12,037 tonnes, +8.1%. [more – original PR]

Finnair: “For all traffic, passenger load factor improved considerably due to successful capacity planning, pricing campaign and new domestic and Nordic pricing categories. Capacity in Asian traffic was scaled back around Chinese New Year when the Asian travel demand to Europe is low. Passenger load factors improved notably in domestic and European traffic: Passenger load factor in domestic traffic improved by almost 10 ppts and in Europe by over 7 ppts. The load factor in leisure traffic declined year-on-year due to overcapacity in the package tour market in Finland and it was 89.6%,” Erno Hildén, Finnair CFO. Source: Company statement, 10-Feb-2012.