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European Commission adopts new rules on the use of security scanners at European airports

17-Nov-2011 9:32 AM

The European Commission adopted (14-Nov-2011) a proposal for an European Union legal framework on security scanners. This legislation allows airports and member states that wish to use security scanners for the screening of passengers to do so under strict and uniform operational and technical conditions. [more - original PR]

European Commission: "Security scanners are not a panacea but they do offer a real possibility to reinforce passenger security. Security scanners are a valuable alternative to existing screening methods and are very efficient in detecting both metallic and non-metallic objects. It is still for each Member State or airport to decide whether or not to deploy security scanners, but these new rules ensure that where this new technology is used it will be covered by EU wide standards on detection capability as well as strict safeguards to protect health and fundamental rights. Experience to date shows that passengers and staff generally see security scanners as a convenient method of screening," Siim Kallas, Vice-President Commissioner responsible for transport. Source: Company statement, 14-Nov-2011.