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Etihad Airways says recent criticism of Gulf carriers 'concerning'

15-Oct-2010 11:09 AM

Etihad Airways CEO James Hogan stated recent criticism of Gulf carriers is "concerning" (Arabian Business, 14-Oct-2010).

Etihad Airways: “Aviation is a tough business impacted by cycles and certainly by a range of challenges. This week we have seen the European Union of Airlines claim that the Gulf carriers have been given too many free kicks and should be reined in ... We have a clear commercial mandate. We are changing the game of aviation, that’s the nature of any business cycle, and certainly we believe we should be allowed to compete and not be penalise ... This talk coming out that the Gulf carriers should be contained is very concerning. I would argue that the only advantage I have is geography and I can’t argue about that, I didn’t make the world,” James Hogan, CEO. Source: Arabian Business, 14-Oct-2010.