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ERA: 2009 - the year of aviation's economic tsunami

9-Oct-2009 8:39 AM

European Regions Airline Association Director General, Mike Ambrose, stated (08-Oct-2009) 2009 was the "year of aviation’s economic tsunami", adding it has "been watched in Europe by many states, politicians and regulators with dispassionate and self-interested indifference". However, Ambrose noted that some states are showing signs of slow recovery and progress is also being made in regional aircraft manufacturing with new and/or improved aircraft. [more]

European Regions Airline Association: “Air transport’s problems have been vastly overshadowed by the larger economic crisis. Pitifully little attention has been given by either the European Commission or the Parliament to the difficult situation faced by stakeholder companies in European air transport,” Mike Ambrose, Director General. Source: European Regions Airline Association, 08-Oct-2009.