7-Oct-2009 11:13 AM

Environmental taxies and levies on airlines not the answer: IATA

IATA Board of Governors Chairman, Tony Tyler, stated the aviation industry has been wrongly charged by environmentalists as the "bogeyman of climate change" and viewed by policymakers as a "cash-cow for much-needed revenue" (AFP, 06-Oct-2009). Mr Tyler stated international aviation emissions must be addressed under a comprehensive global sectoral approach at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change summit, to be held in Copenhagen in Dec-2009. [more]

IATA: "We have determined, ideologically-driven detractors in the environmental lobby who actively support aviation being subject to further charges, perhaps in the form of a global levy on air passengers. Frankly, such a levy would simply make us a sitting duck for governments looking to raise revenue. And show me a government that isn't," Tony Tyler, Board of Governors Chairman. Source: AFP, 06-Oct-2009.