13-Sep-2010 11:23 AM

Embraer sees steady return in revenue

Embraer CFO, Luiz Carlos Aguiar, stated the company is witnessing a gradual recovery in revenue, but has still not returned to levels seen before the onset of the global financial crisis (Dow Jones, 10-Sep-2010). The manufacturer is not sure when revenues will return to pre-recession. 2010 revenue is forecast at USD5.25 billion.

Embraer: "Last year, our expectation was for the crisis to end in two years. At this moment we are seeing a gradual recovery, but it is still difficult to point to an exact time to be back at pre-crisis levels. Although the volume of sales is recovering this year it is too difficult to say when we will return to the pre-crisis levels," Luiz Carlos Aguiar, CFO. Source: Dow Jones, 10-Sep-2010.