18-Nov-2009 12:57 PM

easyJet after tax profit drops 14.4%

easyJet reports (16-Nov-2009) the following financial and traffic highlights for the 12 months ended 30-Sep-09:

  • Revenue: GBP2,667 million, +12.9% year-on-year;
    • Passenger revenue: GBP2,150.5 million, +7.8%;
    • Ancillary revenue: GBP516.3 million, +40.6%;
  • Operating costs: GBP2,442 million, +16.2%;
    • Fuel: +1.9%;
  • Operating profit: GBP60.1 million, -34%;
  • Profit after tax: GBP71 million, -14.4%.
  • Passenger numbers: 45.2 million, +3.4%;
  • ASK: +4.4%;
  • RPK: +6.0%;
  • Passenger load factor: 85.5%, +1.4 ppts. [more]

easyJet: "We see a tough winter ahead. We are focusing our efforts on further cost savings and efficiency programmes, together with optimising route profitability and aircraft allocation. We shall also benefit as our fuel hedges adjust to market prices. Putting all this together, at current fuel prices and currency rates3, we expect easyJet to make substantial profit improvement during 2010," company statement. Source: easyJet, 16-Nov-2009.