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Deputy PM: Government aiming to commence construction of second Sydney airport in three years

25-Jul-2013 4:25 PM

Australia's deputy Prime Minister Anthony Albanese stated (25-Jul-2013) the government is aiming to commence construction of a second airport for Sydney in "the next three years." Mr Albanese said: "We know that notice has to be given to Sydney Airport, the current owners, under the legal obligations that have been put in place. But I would envisage a site needs to be confirmed and then the process of notification given to Sydney Airport. And then construction I would like to see commence in the next term; over the next three years." Mr Albanese added: "We know it takes a substantial period of time to get it up and running, but we know that Sydney Airport is already congested to the point whereby it is a handbrake on national productivity." [more - original PR]