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Czech Airlines changes Click4Sky strategy

7-Dec-2009 9:58 AM

Czech Airlines announced (01-Dec-2009) a change in strategy for its Click4Sky project, leaving behind the current model of one price for all destinations, effective immediately. Ticket prices will now be calculated dynamically, on the basis of a calculation of the new model, based on demand levels and trip parameters. [more]

Czech Airlines: The changes reflect the shift in the parent company’s approach to customer segmentation. These innovations, including the expansion of destinations from the original 38 to 64, aim to appeal to a far broader range of customers, offering them an opportunity to purchase tickets at favourable prices. We will no longer apply a single fare. The new system reflects current passenger demand and, above all, allows us to respond flexibly to any market anomalies,” Tomáš Holan, Director Revenue Management Section. Source: Czech Airlines, 01-Dec-2009.