2-Sep-2010 11:26 AM

Cross-Strait load factor reaches 77.5%

China and Taiwan’s airlines have operated 21,127 flights, transporting more than 4 million passengers with an average load factor of 77.5% since the launch of scheduled cross-Strait services on 31-Aug-2009 to 31-Jul-2010 (People’s Daily/AvBuyer, 01-Sep-2010). China Eastern Airlines stated load factor on cross-Strait services from Shanghai and Hangzhou has been 90%, with monthly traffic figures reaching new record highs every month since Jan-2010. Air China reported average load factor of 86% to 87% on the sector while EVA Air stated it has transported up to 600,000 passengers since its cross-Strait launch, with average load factor increasing from 70% to 90%.