22-Jan-2010 4:42 PM

Continental Airlines releases commentary on its 4Q2009 financial results

Continental Airlines released the following commentary on its 4Q2009 financial results (Seeking Alpha, 21-Jan-2010):

For 2010, we now expect our consolidated capacity will be up only 1% to 2% with our mainline capacity up 1.5% to 2.5%, our mainline domestic capacity about flat year-over-year and our mainline international capacity up 4% to 5% year-over-year. On the revenue side, in addition to tapping into the power of StarAlliance and optimizing traditional revenue management, overtime you’ll see us offering customers more control over their travel experience. So customers will have more choices regarding the elements of the travel experience they consume and pay for. We will further unbundle our product and also offer new goods and services.” Jeff Smisek, Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer. Source: Seeking Alpha, 21-Jan-2010.