16-Nov-2010 11:20 AM

China's aviation profit increases twofold in Oct-2010

CAAC reported China’s aviation industry registered a profit of CNY4920 million (USD740.8 million) in Oct-2010, which is two times more than Oct-2009 (Yicai.com, 14-Nov-2010). Details include:

  • Profit*: USD740.8 million, +2 times year-on-year;
    • Airlines: USD644.4 million, +307.5%;
    • Airports: USD51.2 million, -8.8%;
  • Passenger numbers: 24.5 million, +12.7%;
  • Cargo volume: 496,400 tonnes, +18.3%;
  • Total registered aircraft: 1571, 154 more aircraft than period ended 31-Dec-2009.

*Based on the conversion rate at USD1 = CNY6.6415