9-Aug-2013 12:20 PM

CAE operating profit up 45%, net profit more than doubles in 1QFY2014

CAE revenue up 15% - financial highlights for three months ended 30-Jun-2013:

  • Revenue: CAD530.4 million (USD518.4 million), +14.8% year-on-year;
    • Civil training and services: CAD178.3 million (USD174.3 million), +20.6%;
    • Civil simulation products: CAD123.5 million (USD120.7 million), +36.5%;
  • Operating profit: CAD62.8 million (USD61.4 million), +45.0%;
  • Net profit: CAD45.6 million (USD44.6 million), +112%;
  • Total assets: CAD3838 million (USD3751 million);
  • Cash and cash equivalents: CAD258.9 million (USD253.0 million);
  • Total liabilities: CAD2602 million (USD2544 million). [more - original PR]