15-Dec-2009 9:19 AM

CAAC reports USD1.7 billion industry profit for the 11 months ended 30-Nov-09

CAAC reports (14-Dec-2009) the following traffic highlights for the 11 months ended 30-Nov-2009 for all Mainland Chinese airlines:

  • Passenger numbers: 211 million, +19.6% year-on-year;
  • Cargo volume: 4.0 million, +5.7%;
  • Profit for the whole industry (including airports, suppliers. Preliminary result):
    • In Nov-09: USD169.4 million;
    • 11 months ended 30-Nov-09: USD1.7 billion.
  • Rate based on 1 CNY = 0.146431 USD

CAAC: “For the 11 months ended 30-Nov-09, Chinese airlines carried 211 million passengers, with annual figure topping 200 million for the first time…The air cargo traffic on international routes rose 0.2 percent from the same period last year, reversing the negative growth in the first ten months,” Company statement. Source: CAAC, 14-Dec-09.