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Brazilian minister expresses concern at airport improvement before World Cup/Olympics

23-Nov-2010 12:00 PM

Brazil’s sports minister Orlando Silva expressed concern over the lack of progress in improving the country's airports, adding "overcrowded and outdated airports could be an embarrassment for the country when it stages the 2014 World Cup" (Reuters, 22-Nov-2010). Approximately 6 million additional travellers are expected to pass through Brazilian airports during the World cup alone, according to a recent report published by McKinsey and Co. The report said Brazil’s airports had capacity for 126 million passengers p/a with existing demand of 111 million that is expected to rise to 146 million by 2014. The government expects to invest USD3.8 billion in airports by 2014, including about USD3.2 billion (BRL5.5 billion) for those in the 12 host cities.