2-Sep-2010 10:41 AM

Boeing unlikely to acquire Alenia Aeronautica: CFO

Boeing CFO Jamie Bell stated the manufacturer is unlikely to acquire Alenia Aeronautica, a major supplier of parts and structures for the B787 programme (Herald Net, 01-Sep-2010). Boeing has been forced to resolve a number of issues with parts made by Alenia. It conducted inspections of horizontal stabilisers produced by Alenia in Jun-2010, due to “workmanship issues”. In Jun-2009, Boeing reported wrinkling of composite skin structures on rear fuselage sections manufactured by Alenia. Boeing has recently acquired Vought and Global Aeronautica, both suppliers for the B787 programme.

Boeing: "We're not going to buy Alenia. The way you handle supplier problems is not to buy them. We will be looking at options. Alenia clearly is struggling,” Jamie Bell, CFO. Source: Herald Net, 01-Sep-2010.