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Boeing to decide on new B737 engine option in 2010

12-Feb-2010 11:16 AM

Boeing CEO, Jim McNerney, confirmed that the company would decide during 2010 whether to adopt a new technology engine for the B737NG programme (Reuters/Bloomberg, 11-Feb-2010). A decision would be made based on customer feedback this year, with Mr McNerney adding that the determination will “not necessarily” be made before the Farnborough Air Show in Jul-2010. Mr McNerney added the company feels "very good" about current production rates for the B737, adding, “there’s room for an upward move” in the production rate (currently 31 per month), if demand warrants (Reuters, 11-Feb-2010).

Boeing: "You could say there's room for an upward move. If people order more planes, we will increase the rate...We feel very good about the current production rate. We’re oversold in 2011. The numbers are coming together for 2012, and it looks like it will be oversold too,” Jim McNerney, CEO. Source: Reuters/Bloomberg, 11-Feb-2010.