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Boeing still inspecting B787 'workmanship issues'

13-Aug-2010 10:30 AM

Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO, Jim Albaugh, stated the company has not yet completed the inspection of parts of the tail sections of flight-test and production B787s following the identification by the manufacturer of some "workmanship issues" attributed to the aircraft's horizontal stabiliser supplier, Alenia (AINOnline, 12-Aug-2010).

Boeing: “We had an issue with the horizontal stabiliser with our Alenia partner and found some additional things that we need to go in and verify. I want to be real clear. These are manufacturing issues that don’t have anything to do with the airplane’s ability to fly. We are working through those issues. We think they are going to be very readily addressed and we are assessing what the impact will be at this time,” Jim Albaugh, Commercial Airplanes CEO. Source: AINOnline, 12-Aug-2010.