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Boeing says A320neo 'doesn't mean anything different', considers B737 rework

2-Dec-2010 11:54 AM

Boeing stated the launch of the A320neo “doesn't mean anything different” for the company, and claimed the reworked design is an effort to match the efficiency of the younger B737NG family (Reuters, 01-Dec-2010). Boeing has its own studies for upgrading the B737NG family with new engines and is also considering options for an all-new aircraft.

Boeing: "This doesn't mean anything different for Boeing. We continue to improve the B737NG. We have a 2% performance improvement package that will go into service in mid-2011," Vicki Ray, Boeing spokeswoman. Source: Reuters, 01-Dec-2010.

Boeing: “We have the option of offering a new engine for the B737. Customer feedback to date has been mixed, and on balance, has been against a new engine but it’s still a consideration and it’s a technically viable option. We are continuing to evaluate the potential of a new airplane,” Jim Proulx, spokesman. Source: Bloomberg, 01-Dec-2010.