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Boeing forecasts demand for 25,000 new pilots and 28,000 new technicians p/a

30-Aug-2013 10:22 AM

Boeing released its '2013 Pilot and Technician Outlook', projecting (29-Aug-2013) the commercial aviation industry will need more than one million new pilots and technicians to support expanding demand for new aircraft deliveries over the next two decades. Projected pilot demand is increasing worldwide, while demand for technicians is increaseing in some regions. Boeing projects that by 2032 the world will require:

  • 498,000 new commercial airline pilots
  • 556,000 new commercial airline maintenance technicians

The 2013 outlook projects significant increases in pilot demand - compared to previous forecasts - in all regions except Europe, which declined slightly over last year's outlook. Demand represents a global requirement for about 25,000 new pilots p/a. Global demand for technicians remains significant, at approximately 28,000 new technicians required p/a. However, the introduction of new aircraft and technologies will require fewer mechanics over time, as aging aircraft are retired from service.

Projected demand for new pilots and technicians by region: