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Beijing Airport revenue up 7%, profits surge in 2009

23-Mar-2010 11:43 AM

China’s Beijing Capital International Airport reports (22-Mar-2010) the following financial highlights for the 12 months ended 31-Dec-2009:

  • Revenue: USD726.9 million, +7.4% year-on-year;
    • Aeronautical: USD458.3 million, +11.3%;
      • Passenger charges: USD184.3 million, +17.6%;
      • Aircraft movement fees and related charges: USD152.8 million, +2.2%;
      • Airport fee: USD121.2 million, +14.7%;
    • Non-aeronautical: USD268.6 million, +1.3%;
      • Concessions: USD158.2 million, -10.3%;
      • Rentals: USD101.5 million, +28.5%;
      • Car park: USD4.7 million, -16.6%;
  • Operating costs: USD590.7 million, -5.7%;
  • Operating profit: USD107.8 million, +447.8%;
  • Profit before tax: USD59.1 million, +484.7%;
  • Net profit: USD44.0 million, 252.5%;
  • Passenger numbers: 65.4 million, -2.7%;
  • Cargo volume: 1.5 million tonnes, +8.0%;
  • Aircraft movements: 488,495, +13.2%. [more]
  • *Based on the conversion rate at USD1 = CNY6.83

The airport also reported the following traffic highlights in Feb-2010:

  • Passenger numbers: 5.3 million, +9.0%;
  • Aircraft movements: 38,565, +5.5%. [more]

Beijing Airport: “The increase in air traffic volumes resulting from international and regional routes will help to optimise the overall flight structure of Beijing Capital Airport and to promote a rapid growth of related aeronautical revenues…from the mid-term development perspective, Beijing Capital Airport has to enhance its capacity in order to solve the problem brought by rapid increase in air traffic,” Dong Zhiyi, Chairman. Source: Beijing Airport, 22-Mar-2010.