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B/E Aerospace revenue up 8%, double-digit profit growth in 3Q

26-Oct-2010 11:43 AM

B/E Aerospace revenue up 8% – financial highlights for the three months ended 30-Sep-2010:

  • Revenue: USD495.0 million, +7.7% year-on-year;
    • Commercial aircraft: USD250.2 million, +12.4%;
  • Operating profit: USD83.4 million, +19.8%;
    • Commercial aircraft: USD38.7 million, +29.9%;
  • Profit before tax: USD61.9 million, +32.0%;
  • Net profit: USD41.0 million, +13.6%;
  • Total assets: USD3,628 million, +27.7% when compared to period ended 31-Dec-2009;
  • Cash and cash equivalents: USD834.1 million, +595% when compared to period ended 31-Dec-2009;
  • Total liabilities: USD2,045 million, +46.8% when compared to period ended 31-Dec-2009. [more]

B/E Aerospace: "Based on our record backlog, our expectation of continued growth in passenger travel and higher levels of wide-body aircraft deliveries beginning in 2011, we expect strong full-year 2011 earnings per diluted share growth of approximately 25% to approximately USD1.90-USD1.95 per diluted share. Looking further ahead and taking into consideration our record backlog, the expected robust widebody delivery cycle beginning in 2011 and continued healthy demand growth for passenger travel, we expect continued strong growth in earnings per share for the next few years,” Amin Khoury, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Source: B/E Aerospace, 25-Oct-2010.