10-Jan-2013 4:08 PM

Austrian debuts new long-haul cabin

Austrian Airlines stated (09-Jan-2013) after completing a successful test flight and gaining official approval from aviation authorities, the first Austrian long-haul aircraft to feature the company’s completely remodelled long-haul cabin, a Boeing 777, conducted its first scheduled service on 09-Jan-2013. The new cabin in the 777 is configured with 308 seats, including 260 economy and 48 business seats. Austrian Airlines CCO Karsten Benz said the following about the new cabin: “With this new long-haul cabin, we are offering a product perfectly harmonised with the wishes of our customers. We have invested over 90 million euros in our aircraft to achieve this.” Austrian Airlines is converting its entire long-haul fleet, which consists of four aircraft of the 777 type and six 767 aircraft, on a step-by-step basis. Around 1.1 million customers travel long-haul with Austrian Airlines on 5500 flights every year. [more - original PR]