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Asia Pacific airlines press for a global approach on aviation emissions through ICAO

29-Dec-2009 10:52 AM

Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA) Director General, Andrew Herdman, welcomed (24-Dec-2009) the signing of the Copenhagen Accord following the UNFCCC COP15 meeting and announced the Association's support for the "underlying message for action". [more]

AAPA: “Although the Copenhagen Accord does not specifically mention aviation emissions, the united industry plan of action offers challenging and ambitious targets... AAPA has been actively involved in developing the common industry position, and working towards a global approach on emissions... ICAO’s ability to achieve consensus on these politically sensitive and technically complex issues, especially concerning the impact of aviation on the environment, will be put to the test at ICAO’s 37th Assembly in Montreal... AAPA, working with other industry stakeholders, will continue to press ICAO to embrace a global sectoral approach, and effective coordination, avoiding the imposition of arbitrary, and environmentally ineffective, levies. Airlines are willing to play our part, but we need fair treatment and full access to global carbon markets,” Andrew Herdman, Director General. Source: Association of Asia Pacific Airlines, 24-Dec-2009.