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ANA pilots unions threaten strike on 17-Dec-2010

16-Dec-2010 9:52 AM

ANA Group stated (15-Dec-2010) it "regrets" the threatened 24-strike on 17-Dec-2010 that has been announced by its pilot unions and is "continuing urgent negotiations" with the unions concerned to avert industrial action and disruption to passenger services. The carrier noted that should the strike proceed, no international services will be affected. However, 21.4% of domestic services could be cancelled (168 flights) and/or delayed (35 flights) affecting around 11,900 passengers. Four unions of domestic pilots and two at ANA group firms are taking part in the strike demanding pay and work conditions be improved (Kyodo, 16-Dec-2010). The strike will involve around 670 pilots of Air Nippon Co and ANA Wings Co. The four unions also went on strike in Mar-2009 and Apr-2009. [more]