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ANA Group operating revenue up 4.0% in FY2012

30-Apr-2012 12:05 PM

ANA Group operating revenue up 4.0% – financial highlights for the 12 months ended Mar-2012:

  • Operating revenue*: JPY1411.5 billion (USD17,873.9 million), +4.0 year-on-year;
  • Operating costs: JPY1314.4 billion (USD16,644.3 million), +1.9%;
  • Operating income/loss: JPY97 billion (USD1228.3 million), +43.1%;
  • Net income/loss: JPY28.1 billion (USD355.8 million), +20.9%;
  • Passenger numbers:
    • Domestic: 39.0 million, -3.8%;
    • International: 5.9 million, +13.8%;
  • Passenger load factor:
    • Domestic: 60.9%, -2.4 ppts, -2.4 ppts;
    • International: 73.7%, -1.7 ppts, -1.7 ppts;
  • Cargo volume:
    • Domestic: 467,000 tonnes, +13%;
    • International: 570,000 tonnes, +13%;
  • Forecast for FY2013:
    • Operating revenue: JPY1500 billion (USD18,994.6 million), +6.3%;
    • Operating income/loss: JPY110 billion (USD1392.9  million), +13.4%;
    • Net income: JPY40 million (USD506.5 million), +42.3%. [more – original PR]

*Based on the average conversion rate at USD1 = JPY78.97

ANA: β€œThe Japanese economy continues to show signs of a gradual recovery from the Earthquake, but there remains a risk that the downturn in overseas economies and the long-term appreciation of the yen could exert downward pressure on the global economy as a whole. There are concerns about a possible slowdown in economic growth in China and other parts of Asia, which will continue to make the business environment challenging.” Source: Company statement, 27-Apr-2012.