11-Dec-2012 11:21 AM

AMR Corporation pax numbers stable in Nov-2012, PRASM down 2.3%

AMR Corporation reports (10-Dec-2012) the following traffic highlights in Nov-2012:

  • Passenger numbers: 8.6 million, -0.1% year-on-year;
  • Revenue passenger miles: +0.7%;
  • Passenger load factor: 80.7%, -1.0 ppts;
    • Domestic: 82.8%, -1.5 ppts;
    • International: 78.9%, -0.5 ppt;
    • Europe: 79.9%, +2.3 ppts;
    • Latin America: 78.5%, -2.7 ppts;
    • Asia Pacific: 78.8%, +1.0 ppts;
  • Consolidated PRASM: -2.3%. [more – original PR]

AMR Corporation: American estimates that Hurricane Sandy and the early November snow storm in the Northeast negatively impacted November revenues by approximately USD25 million, and lowered unit revenue by 1.5 ppts. Separately, operational disruptions that took place in late September and early October affected bookings for November travel, negatively impacting revenues in the month by an estimated USD30 million, and lowered unit revenue by an additional 1.8 ppts. American estimates that absent these events, PRASM in Nov-2012 would have been approximately 1% higher than in Nov-2011.” Source: Company statement, 10-Dec-2012