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American Airlines could move from all-Boeing fleet with potential order for up to 100 A320s: reports

23-Jun-2011 12:29 PM

American Airlines is reportedly in talks with Airbus over a potential order for at least 100 A320 narrowbody aircraft (Bloomberg, 22-Jun-2011).A decision by the Board may come as soon as Jul-2011. The new aircraft would reportedly replace older aircraft, including B757 and MD-80 equipment. According to Ascend, American Airlines operates an all-Boeing fleet at present, comprising 616 aircraft at present. Commenting on the reports, Boeing Sales Chief Marlin Dailey noted that Boeing would "do everything we can to retain American Airlines as a Boeing customer. I wouldn't say they're drawn more to Airbus. They obviously are seriously evaluating their options." Discussing the status of the manufacturers talks with American Airlines, Mr Dailey stated: "We understand the challenge we've been given. You never know how things play out. We're moving. Working it hard."