12-Oct-2009 8:45 AM

Allied Pilots Association states "Unequivocal Opposition" to Antitrust Immunity for AA-BA-Iberia

Allied Pilots Association (APA), representing 11,500 pilots at American Airlines, urged (09-Oct-2009) the US Department of Transportation (DoT) to decline the carrier's application for worldwide antitrust immunity with British Airways and Iberia, citing European Commission (EC) concerns and the airline's "refusal to address job-security, anti-competitiveness and national-security issues". [more]

Allied Pilots Association: "As a result of two significant developments during the past several days, we urge the DoT to decline American Airlines' application for worldwide antitrust immunity. The first of those developments was the EC's announcement earlier this month that American Airlines' plans may violate rules governing restrictive business practices. Given those stated concerns, we question the advisability of granting approval to a deal that may fail to pass muster with the DoT's European counterparts," Captain Lloyd Hill, President. Source: Allied Pilots Association, 09-Oct-2009.