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Allegiant Air revenue up 13.9%, profit surge in 3Q2009

21-Oct-2009 1:25 PM

Allegiant Air revenue up 13.9% - financial highlights for the three months ended 30-Sep-2009:

  • Operating revenue: USD133.1 million, +13.9% year-on-year;
  • Ancillary: USD40.3 million, +46.0%;
  • Operating costs: USD111.2 million, +2.2%;
    • Fuel: USD43.8 million, -22.9%;
    • Labour: USD22.3 million, +29.1%;
  • Operating profit: USD21.9 million, +170.3%;
  • Net profit: USD13.8 million, +181.7%;
  • Passenger numbers: 1.3 million, +37.4%;
  • Load factor: 86.9%, -3.8%;
  • Operating revenue per ASM: USD 9.86 cents, -20.2%;
  • Operating cost per ASM: USD 8.23 cents, -28.4%;
  • Cost per ASM ex-fuel: USD 4.99 cents, -9.1%;
  • Capacity (ASMs) growth forecast:
    • 4Q2009: +23%;
    • FY2009: +22%;
    • 1Q2010: +15%. [more]

Allegiant Travel Company: “Looking forward, we are cautiously optimistic that better times are in the offing. Scheduled fares, both air fare and ancillary per passenger, bounced off their lows of the second quarter. It's a little early to declare victory, but we certainly like the trend, which is continuing into the fourth quarter. Speaking of the fourth quarter, please note that last year we enjoyed a powerful combination of low fuel prices and air fares that had not declined, which makes the fourth quarter of 2008 a very difficult comp,” Maurice J Gallagher, Chairman & CEO. Source: Allegiant Travel Company, 20-Oct-2009.