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Aires SA B737-700 crashes at San Andres; one fatality

17-Aug-2010 12:49 PM

Boeing confirmed (16-Aug-2010) the crash of an Aires SA B737-700 in San Andres, Colombia. Boeing is sending a team to provide technical support to assist in the investigation of the accident. The B737 was carrying 121 passengers and six crewmembers when it crashed short of the runway, with the incident occurring during lightning and heavy winds, according to the Colombia Air Force (Reuters/Associated Press, 16-Aug-2010). Colombia's Aeronautical Authority Deputy Director, Donald Tascon, stated the Authority is investigating the incident, adding that the captain advised the Authority that the aircraft was struck by lightning. The plane's fuselage broke into three parts following the impact. There was one fatality, as a passenger suffered a heart attack following the impact, with 119 passengers being treated or checked at local clinics (five with serious injuries). [more]