30-Sep-2013 10:35 AM

Airbus unveils more details of A330-300 regional version

Airbus unveiled (27-Sep-2013) additional details of its new A330-300 domestic/regional version.

  • Passenger capacity: Increased to 356-400 seats;
  • Cockpit: Introduction of new technology from the the A350 XWB and A380, including dual head-up displays (which meet upcoming requirements from civil aviation authorities) and protection from runway overrun situations during landing;
  • Cabin: New lightweight slim-line economy seats, weighing just over half that of typical long-haul seats. Galleys optimised for food service on domestic/regional routes (with the capacity for one meal, plus a snack for travel times of two/three hours). Elimination of crew rest areas utilised on long-distance flights;
  • Other features: Lower operational weight, optimised thrust engines, unit costs similar to Airbus’ A321 narrowbody. [more - original PR]