6-Sep-2013 9:24 AM

Airbus order and delivery activity in Aug-2013

Airbus stated (05-Sep-2013) order and delivery activity in Aug-2013 reflected key continuing trends for the company – including the ramp-up in output to meet global demand for its jetliner product line, and the A320 family’s sustained popularity with operators around the world. Taking into account the month’s order and delivery activity, Airbus’ backlog stood at 5190 aircraft at the end of Aug-2013.

Aug-2013 orders:

  • A320: Nine;
  • A330: One;
  • Total: 10.

Aug-2013 deliveries:

  • A320: 38;
  • A330: Seven;
  • A380: Two.

2013 year-to-date orders:

  • A320: 790;
  • A330: 12;
  • A350: 100;
  • A380: 0;
  • Total: 902.

2013 year-to-date deliveries: