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Airbus: EADS should have strategic protection but does not need Germany as shareholder

14-Jun-2011 10:48 AM

Airbus CEO Thomas Enders stated there should be institutional protection for EADS from hostile takeovers, but he does not believe that the company needs the German state to be a shareholder to ensure such protection (Reuters, 13-Jun-2011). He also stated there does not need to be balance between state shareholders. German manufacturer Daimler is in talks for reducing its 15% share in EADS. The company also manages the 7.5% stake held by a consortium of banks. Earlier this year, German and French authorities confirmed they were in negotiations regarding EADS’ ownership structure. One option is the possibility of a “golden share” giving both countries veto rights over strategic issues. However, EADS is registered in the Netherlands, placing it under Dutch corporate law, which has no provision for golden shares.