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Air China chairman retires

30-Dec-2011 9:30 AM

Air China will reportedly name Wang Changshun, the newly-appointed GM of Air China's parent company, China National Aviation Holding, as its new chairman, according to, after Air China announced (28-Dec-2011) the retirements of Kong Dong from his positions as chairman and a non-executive director of the company, after nearly four years in the position. In announcing Mr Kong's retirement, Air China also named Mr Wang as a candidate as a non-executive director of the company. Air China also noted Mr Kong will cease to serve as a member of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee and Strategy and Investment Committee of the board upon his resignation becoming effective. With effect from the resignation of Mr Kong, the company will convene a board meeting as soon as practicable for the purpose of filling the vacancy of its chairman. Mr Wang formerly held the position of CAAC deputy director from Mar-2008 to Oct-2011, until his appointment at China National Aviation Holdings. Mr Wang has also served as deputy secretary of Communist Party Committee of China National Aviation Holding Company since Oct-2011. At the time of Mr Wang's appointment with the carrier in Oct-2011, the imminent retirement of Kong Dong was noted, with local media reports speculating Mr Wang could assume some or all of Mr Kong's responsibilities at the carrier (Caixin/Capital Vue/Yicai, 02/03-Nov-2011). [more - original PR]