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Air Canada sees less fare discounting in 2010

29-Dec-2009 1:02 PM

Air Canada CEO, Calin Rovinescu, expects less discounting on fares in 2010, as the carrier aims to boost revenues by USD95.8 million (The Globe and Mail, 26-Dec-2009). Air Canada is also seeking to reduce costs by USD383.2 million.

Air Canada:It doesn't mean you won't still see cheap fares, but you'll have to shop more carefully to find the cheapest fares. We expect 2010 to hopefully be better than 2009, but we still expect it to be a transformational year. My expectation is that it will take a full year for the business travel to get to levels that are sustainable,” Calin Rovinescu, CEO. Source: The Globe and Mail, 26-Dec-2009.