27-Jul-2010 9:23 AM

Aeroports de Paris signs Economic Regulation Agreement

France's Aéroports de Paris (AdP) signed (26-Jul-2010) the new Economic Regulation Agreement with the French Government for the 2011-2015 period. The agreement follows on from the one signed in early 2006 and covers the major proposals put forward by Aéroports de Paris on 19-Feb-2010 in the public consultation document. The points of the new agreement are:

  • The introduction of 10 ambitious service-quality indicators, which may involve financial incentives in the form of bonuses and penalties, five of which directly relate to passenger satisfaction;
  • A EUR1.8 billion investment programme for the regulated scope mainly focusing on improving the oldest terminals, associated with financial incentives regarding the respect of major investments schedule;
  • A moderate pricing cap (average of 1.38% per year above inflation), alongside an adjustment clause to partially compensate for the difference noted in traffic. [more]

The airport company added it does not envisage further job cuts for the 2011-2015 period, after cutting staff numbers by 3.9% last year (Xinhua, 26-Jul-2010). However, it has no plans to hire new staff. AdP expects a 3.2% growth in passenger numbers p/a over the next five years.