29-Nov-2013 4:24 PM

Aeroflot: alliances need to define what 'basic' services are

Aeroflot deputy director for strategy and alliance Giorgio Callegari, speaking at CAPA's World Aviation Summit in Amsterdam, stated (26/27-Nov-2013) alliances are still saying they need to get the "basics" right. Mr Callegari pointed out the challenge that alliances need to decide what the "basics" are. Aeroflot considers itself a premium carrier and supplies some services other airlines in its SkyTeam alliance do not. He also said that alliances have failed to deliver on cost savings, a feature some spoke about in the early days of their establishment. He also noted that there is a dichotomy within alliances as some airlines are added as members since they bring nice network additions to the alliance but the airlines are not given any say in alliance matters.