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Aer Lingus under political pressure to end labour dispute

3-Feb-2011 12:38 PM

Aer Lingus has come under pressure from the Ireland’s main political parties over the ongoing dispute with cabin crew (, 02-Feb-2011). Cancellations at the airline are reportedly affecting up to 1500 passenger daily, mainly on short-haul routes. Fine Gael's Simon Coveney stated Aer Lingus “had a responsibility to end the dispute in light of the recent cancellations”. Both Aer Lingus and Impact, the trade union representing cabin crews, are in negotiations with Ireland’s Labour Relations Commission.

Fine Gael: "Large numbers of passengers will yet again be seriously inconvenienced by the ongoing dispute at Aer Lingus between management and cabin crew. This dispute continues to damage Aer Lingus’s good reputation, and creates uncertainty for the travelling public that has far-reaching implications far beyond the airline. There is a real onus now on management in particular, but also on the Impact union representatives of cabin crew, to agree a compromise that will end this travel chaos." Simon Coveney, spokesperson. Source:, 02-Feb-2011