8-Jan-2010 11:32 AM

ACI reports 4% rise in Nov-2009 pax numbers

Airports Council International (ACI) reports (06-Jan-2010) the following traffic highlights in Nov-2009:

  • Passenger numbers: 259 million, +4.2% year-on-year;
  • Domestic: 144 million, +5.3%;
  • International: 113 million, +3.1%;
  • Cargo volume: 5.4 million tonnes, +10.9%;
  • Domestic: 1.6 million tonnes, +6.7%;
  • International: 3.5 million tonnes, +13.8%. [more]

ACI: “The steady improvement of traffic at airports indicates that losses for the year may be softer than originally expected. In 1Q2009 airports registered an alarming downward spiral yet since mid-year we have witnessed the return of demand – first for domestic and now for international travel. For sure, we are comparing Nov-2009 against Nov-2008, the month which had the biggest traffic losses in that year. Nonetheless positive passenger growth in all categories – overall global, international and domestic – indicates that the industry remains on track for a rebound,” Angela Gittens, Director General ACI World. Source: 06-Jan-2010.