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AAPA sees full service carriers continuing to dominate Asian market

7-Sep-2012 2:48 AM

Association of Asia Pacific Airlines director general Andrew Herdman, speaking at CAPA's LCCs & New Age Airlines in North Asia Conference in Macau, stated (06-Sep-2012) full service carriers will continue to account for an overwhelming majority of the Asian market. Mr Herdman pointed out globally LCCs account for only 12% of revenues in the airline industry and in Asia this figure is even higher with LCCs accounting for approximately USD7 billion of the USD160 billion in revenues the Asian industry generates. "It's where the revenue is," Mr Herdman said, referring to the full service model. He added premium cabins account for about 27% of international revenues in Asia and airlines continue to invest in upgrading their premium products, which is another indication "the full service model is alive and well".