Tourism WA: No growth in tourism budget

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There is no increase in tourism funding in today’s State Budget, which stays steady at $93 million for 2018-19, but is forecast to decline to $90 million in 2019-20. Today’s overall Budget for Tourism WA means there is no additional funding to secure new aviation routes or fill the growing number of hotel rooms.

The Government has delivered its election commitment of consistent funding for tourism marketing and events over five years, however overall funding declines for Tourism WA as belt-tightening continues on salaries and regional programs such as Visitor Centres and Aboriginal tourism development.

“The Budget does not include future funding for the highly successful Aboriginal Tourism Development Program, which will otherwise cease at the end of 2018-19,” TCWA CEO Evan Hall said.

“Tourism Council WA calls on the State Government to provide future funding certainty for this critical program and continue to improve the State’s Aboriginal tourism product.

“Additional aviation development funding is critical to secure new routes, such as Japan, Shanghai and India, and attract a low-cost carrier for regional routes to bring down costs.”

Mr Hall said there was a huge tourism opportunity following a massive investment in hotels and venues such as the Stadium.

“The State Government needs to invest in marketing, aviation development and Aboriginal tourism to attract tourism dollars and create jobs across WA,” he said.

“Other states continue to boost their marketing and aviation development budgets, while WA is being left behind in the race to win visitors.”

This press release was sourced from Tourism WA on 10-May-2018.