Queensland No 1 With Travellers But Border To Remain Shut

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Queensland No 1 With Travellers But Border To Remain Shut

Australians are planning to flock to Queensland for holidays in the next few months once leisure travel resumes as COVID 19 restrictions are relaxed according to a national survey of over 1,500 people commissioned by the Tourism and Transport Forum (TTF).

But those plans could be thwarted by the Queensland Government which is standing firm saying it may keep state borders closed until September depriving the already suffering local tourism industry of the opportunity to reclaim some ground over the lucrative July school holiday period.

The first in a series of surveys on travel intentions conducted by Newgate Research for TTF explores the travel intentions of Australians in the next 6 months as COVID 19 restrictions are gradually lifted, leisure travel is permitted and people return to a more normal way of life.

TTF CEO Margy Osmond said the results show that Australians are keen to travel once restrictions are eased and Queensland is clearly the number one choice.

“We understand the concerns of the Queensland Government but think July is a realistic date for the reopening of state borders given the progress we have made in flattening the curve and to delay that until September is a missed opportunity and will have a devastating economic impact on the state’s winter holiday peak.

“Ideally the industry would like to see a consistent approach to the reopening of state and territory borders that address the health concerns but also set us firmly on the path to recovery.”

The survey found that 28 per cent of Australians were more interested in travelling domestically than they were before the pandemic while 45 per cent remain unchanged. Another 27 per cent said they were less likely to travel citing cost and concerns over COVID 19 at the main reasons.

Ms Osmond said that over a third of respondents would pack their bags and head north for some sunshine over the cooler winter months and New South Welshman with 49 per cent and Victorians 45 per cent would be leading the charge

“Not surprisingly the most popular destinations are the Gold Coast with 53 per cent and the Sunshine Coast/Noosa with 36 per cent while 30 per cent said they would go to Brisbane and another 20 per cent chose Tropical North Queensland.

“Our survey shows that people are eager to start travelling and relaxation is their priority so the beautiful beaches and warm climate of Queensland are very alluring.

“Unfortunately at this stage that’s looking like more of a dream than a reality if Queensland continues to batten down its hatches.”

NSW was the second most desired destination for those planning interstate travel with 29 per cent followed by Victoria (22 per cent), Tasmania (14 per cent) South Australia (13 per cent) and WA and the Northern Territory (both 11 per cent). The ACT was favoured by 10 per cent of respondents.

This press release was sourced from Tourism & Transport Forum Australia on 19-May-2020.