QantasLink to refurbish two more 717 aircraft

09-Aug-2017 Across our regional, domestic and international networks, we’re continuously focused on making sure we have the right aircraft on the right routes for our customers.

QantasLink will reconfigure two more of its single-class Boeing 717 jets, with a Business cabin, upgraded interior and inflight entertainment for all passengers, bringing the total number of reconfigured aircraft up to 12 out of 20 of the airlines’ fleet of 717 aircraft.

From later this year, one of these reconfigured 717s will be redeployed from Perth to operate from Brisbane to both Adelaide and Cairns. This will free up a 737 aircraft which currently operates these routes to be redeployed to other routes where there is more demand including Melbourne - Sydney and Perth - Adelaide.

By having the flexibility to move aircraft around the network we can manage changes in demand while continuing to support customers with the right schedule and product.