Protecting employees’ pay and employment conditions will be top priority in BAA airport sell-off

19-Jul-2011 Protecting airport workers’ terms and conditions, and pension rights will be the top priority for Unite, the largest union in the country, as BAA is forced to sell-off two more of its airports.

The Competition Commission has, in its final ruling, said that airport operator BAA must sell Stansted and either Glasgow or Edinburgh airports.

Unite National Officer for Civil Air Transport, Brendan Gold said: ‘Today’s news is just confirming the original Competition Commission ruling. However, Unite has always been opposed to the forced sell-off of BAA's airports to other operators as we believe it poses an increased threat to our members’ terms and conditions in the long-term.’

‘Unite’s role must be to protect the terms and conditions of its members, and also their pension rights and entitlements.’

‘Any attempt by a new owner taking over BAA’s airports to undermine our members’ conditions will be strongly resisted. However, we are keen, as a responsible trade union, to have a positive dialogue and constructive working relationship with the new owners, whoever they are.’

In March 2009, the commission told BAA to sell Gatwick and Stansted airports and either Edinburgh or Glasgow. BAA has already sold Gatwick, but challenged the decision to sell the other ones.