Over 200,000 Canadians pre-registered for Canada's PORTpass™ mobile app for international travel sta

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Over 200,000 Canadians pre-registered for Canada's PORTpass™ mobile app for international travel standards and guidelines

The PORTpass™ provides Canadians with a secure app for managing COVID-19 test results and vaccination status for global travel.

PORTpass™ hits another milestone with their Digital health pass that allows its users to control their data and what exactly they want to share with terminals and other organizations when crossing borders.

The PORTpass app brings on IBM as their partner in verification credentials and security for Canadian users as the app allows its users to manage their own data opposed to a centralized system.

CEO of PORTpass, Zak Hussein is proud to be implementing this technology as the world steers to a decentralized approach and is thrilled to see the outpour of support of Canadians wanting to utilize this digital health pass that works and updates every 10 seconds on the changes around the world on accessibility, guidelines and clearances.

With the PORTpass, Canadian's will be able to travel safely and securely while controlling the data they share as the verification process fully encrypts their negative COVID-19 and other variants of concern data and Vaccination statuses.

As a Canadian citizen, CEO of PORTpass, Zak Hussein believes that security and data protection is vital to Canadians and it's privacy and that's why we have incorporated PORTpass with the utmost guidelines when it comes to monitoring and protecting our nation and its citizens.

The PORTpass app has surpassed its expectations of pre-registered users and is now at over 200,000+ pre-registered users awaiting to use the digital health pass domestically and internationally.

PORTpass is Canada's digital health pass and is placing privacy, security and safety at the forefront of Canadian citizens as we navigate through these times of reopening.

Early adopters of PORTpass™ can waitlist at: https://portpass.ca/register/

This press release was sourced from PORTpass on 14-Jun-2021.